PlusBus is best


Buy a season ticket from a specific bus company and it's only valid for travel on the services of that operator. PlusBus season tickets are different.

A PlusBus season ticket is valid for unlimited travel on ALL* bus companies services that participate in a towns PlusBus scheme. Across Britain over 220 bus companies accept PlusBus tickets on their services. PlusBus season tickets are also valid for tram travel in Blackpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield and Wolverhampton. So, you get the maximum flexibility from your ticket. Which means you can hop-on any bus or tram, that's going to your destination. How's that for convenience!

*In a few (mainly smaller) towns, some independent bus companies don't accept PlusBus. At least we're honest!

Price Promise

We negotiate the best-deal we can for rail commuters. So that, in 97% of towns, PlusBus season ticket prices are cheaper than if you bought the equivalent bus pass from the main bus company in town. How's that for a great deal!